About CKI

About Us

Cadence Keen Innovations (CKI) was created 22 years ago when Sam Montross saw a challenge in a resort she owned. Sam Montross didn’t invent her product to start a company, she invented it to solve a need. Since that product, the Easy King Bed Doubler, she has developed even more products that solve problems for many industries. Always looking for better fabrics, green friendly packaging/solutions and a way to make the staff’s job a little easier, has kept CKI going full speed ahead.

Exclusive Designs

CKI is often introducing new products or solutions that solve specific challenges.

Made in the USA

CKI is committed to making products in the USA whenever possible.

Customer Service

We listen to our customers and deliver quality solutions that work. Companies do not stay around as long as we have without listening to our customers.

Green Pledge

CKI continues to look for ways to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability. We are moving toward greener packaging and have recently launched GreenSource Mattress Removal and Recycling to pick up mattresses and box springs from the cruise and hospitality industries.

Woman Owned Business

CKI is a privately held corporation. We started out in the hotel industry and moved into the cruise, retail, and healthcare, as our products and solutions benefit many industries.

Over 20 Years of Industry Leadership

A Company with Accountability

Many of our inventions have been initiated from listening to your feedback and understanding the challenges you face. As a result, we have grown our company, expanded our product line, and have been recognized as pioneers in an ever-changing market place.

Maintaining that pledge has led CKI to become the preferred supplier to some of the best-known international brands. We enjoy strong relationships with customers such as Rosewood Properties and HEI Hotels & Resorts. We now do business in 70 countries and are the leading supplier of mattress protection to the cruise lines, such as Holland America Line and Carnival.

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CKI sells its products through local and national reps, distributors, and retailers.
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