FAQ – for Bed MadeEZ


       What is a Bed MadeEZ?  The Bed MadeEZ is an innovative, patented device that is inserted between your mattress and box spring to lift and hold your mattress in a raised position. It is also used to tuck in sheets and apply or take off a bed skirt.


       How can the Bed MadeEZ help me? With the help of the Bed MadeEZ, you can change your bed linens or adjust your bed skirt without the strain of holding up your heavy mattress.


       Is there a warranty on the Bed MadeEZ? Yes.  The Bed MadeEZ comes with a lifetime warranty.


       Is the Bed MadeEZ made in the United States? Yes.  The Bed MadeEZ is made in the USA.  Do not accept cheap knock-offs – the Bed MadeEZ was invented by our owner and female CEO, Sam Montross.  This patented, trademarked, innovative solution was designed to eliminate strain in changing bed linens while also speeding up the process.


       Does the Bed MadeEZ work on all bed types?  The Bed MadeEZ works on most mattresses with a box spring or a platform bed AS LONG AS THE MATTRESS SITS ABOVE ANY SIDE FRAME.  The Bed MadeEZ will not work on platform beds or mattresses that sit “in” a bedframe. 


       Is it easy to insert the Bed MadeEZ between the mattress and box spring? Yes. Using one hand or two, the Bed MadeEZ is designed to slide easily between the mattress and box spring. It lifts and holds the mattress in a raised position while you tuck the sheets and blankets.  If you are having trouble inserting the Bed MadeEZ, angle the device a bit for easier insertion.


       Does the Bed MadeEZ protect your back? Yes.  The Bed MadeEZ’s patented design is recommended by OSHA as a housekeeping tool. Independently tested, it will reduce fatigue and strain.  For those making beds as a profession, the device helps eliminate injury, lost workdays, potential OSHA fines and workers’ compensation claims when used properly and daily.