FAQ – for Bed Doubler:


       What is an Easy King Bed Doubler?  The Easy King Bed Doubler offers a complete solution to quickly and easily create a King sized bed from two Twin beds though an innovative system that safely and comfortably combines the beds together.


       Is the Easy King Bed Doubler Washable?  Yes. The Easy King Bed Doubler is washable, lightweight and non-allergenic.


       Does the Easy King Bed Doubler work on all sized Mattresses? Yes.  The Easy King Bed Doubler is totally adjustable and fits all Twin mattresses, including Twin XL.


       Is there a warranty on the Easy King Bed Doubler? The Easy King Bed Doubler comes with a 5 year warranty against defects.


       How do I set up the Easy King Bed Doubler on my mattress? There are videos on our website www.ckisolutions.us . Your package contains a 10” wide pad, a belt with a snap shut buckle, and w white, narrow filler pad.  The filler pad is optional and only needed for twin beds that are plumper in depth, forming a deeper dip, or V shape, in the center where the beds join.  First, push your two twin mattresses side by side.  Then, if fill is needed, lay the support filler pad in the center where the mattresses join with the Velcro side up.  Next place the 10” wide pad on top of the support pad to create a smooth sleeping area.  At both ends of the wide pad there is a pocket with 3 different areas where an Easy King belt can be positioned, allowing you to find the perfect fit for the belt.  Finally, fasten the 2” wide connecting belt around the perimeter for your mattress and voila – a king bed.  Cover with your favorite bedding and you are ready for a good night’s sleep.


       Are all products included? Yes.  The Easy King Bed Doubler includes (1) soft 10” fabric pad cover;  (1) optional support filler pad; and  (1) 2” wide belt with an adjustable buckle.


       What is your Return Policy? Please call CKI Solutions at 888-222-2217 for a return within 10 days of purchase to obtain a Return Authorization Number.  CKI will provide you with labels to return the item at UPS.  If you purchased the item from Amazon, you MUST RETURN THE ITEM TO AMAZON DIRECTLY.