FAQ – Sofa Sleeper Encasement

  • What is a Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement? This 6-sided encasement encompasses the entire sofa sleeper mattress and protects against allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, liquid stains, and more.

  • What is the difference between a Mattress Encasement and a Mattress Protector? A Mattress Encasement covers the entire mattress on all 6 sides whereas a mattress protector, designed like a fitted sheet, covers just 5 sides. A Mattress Protector offers much of the same protection as an encasement but is NOT bed bug proof.

  • Is the Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement waterproof? Yes.

  • Is the Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement washable? The Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement is laboratory tested for hot water washing up to 160 F. Dry medium heat.

  • What is the Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement Made From? The Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement is made of soft polyester interlock knit and coated with a high temperature polyurethane film, making it quiet to sleep upon, yet easy to release stains when washed.

  • How often do I need to wash my Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement? The Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement was created for superior durability so you can wash however often you feel is needed. All CKI products are designed for the rigorous use in the hotel and cruise industry, meaning they are built “hotel strong”.

  • Do you put your mattress pad above or below the Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement? If the reason you are using an encasement is to avoid allergens or bed bugs, we recommend that you cover both the mattress pad and the mattress with the Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement. The encasement coverage keeps both the mattress and the pad clean, thus avoiding having to wash a heavy mattress pad. 

  • Is it true that stains can void the warranty on my mattress? Yes, your mattress probably came with a warranty and that warranty might be invalidated by liquid stains.  Besides the warranty, liquids can damage mattress foams.  By protecting your mattress with a Sofa Sleeper Mattress Encasement, you protect your mattress investment by potentially keeping the warranty from being invalidated