Bed MadeEZ® Bed Maker

It Lifts And Holds Any Mattress, And Can Quickly Tuck In The Sheets!

Bed making can be a pain, literally. Enjoy a fast and easy way to make even the
heaviest beds.

While most people want a clean, tidy bed, no one looks forward to putting on fresh linens
because of the strain of lifting the mattress with one arm while trying to tuck in with the other.
And, putting on bed skirts is an absolute challenge to even the strongest. Let the Bed MadeEZ®
do the lifting and holding for you.

The Bed MadeEZ® lifts and holds the mattress in a raised position so both hands are free for
tucking in the sheets and blankets. Patented, made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.


1 review for Bed MadeEZ® Bed Maker

  1. Katherine Deluca

    Very helpful for someone with arthritic hands. Allows lifting of mattress and tucking of bed sheets without the use of a great amount of strength. Highly recommend Bed MadeEZ.

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