Bed MadeEZ® – Bed Making Kit

With 2 Tools Bed Making Has Never Been Easier, And Changing A Bed Skirt Is A Breeze!

Everything you need in one package, the Bed Making Kit includes 2 BMEZ tools that provide ultimate lifting and a handy storage bag. No more need of a partner when making the bed!
With all of the heavy mattresses being sold, why not offer a tool that will greatly improve your customers’ ability to actually make the bed!?  Let the Bed MadeEZ do the lifting for anyone and everyone. The Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker is a safety tool that alleviates strain to the back, neck, and shoulders with an ergonomic design that inserts effortlessly between mattress and box spring. The BMEZ lifts the mattress as it slides in and holds the mattress in a raised position eliminating repeated lifting while changing linens or making the bed. It makes placing bed skirts so easy!

  • Design Separates, Lifts, And Holds The Mattress 3-5 Inches
  • Makes Placing Bed Skirts a Breeze
  • Ergonomic Handle Design Allows One Or Two Hand Use
  • Quickly Tucks in Sheets
  • Lab Tested And Recommended By OSHA
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Patented And Made In USA


1 review for Bed MadeEZ® – Bed Making Kit

  1. Vera Pyta

    I would like to inform you that I have received the parcel containing 2 Bed Maker Tools “The Bed MadeEZ” yesterday.

    I have tried it straight away and it WORKS, this tool is amazing, I have not needed to lift the bed manually anymore. The feeling I had yesterday was relived that I don’t need to worry about bed making anymore, as if the burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Something that has been worrying me for a long time has vanished.

    I cannot thank you enough for inventing this device, I am really grateful and appreciate it very much for what you have done to help people in need, I am one of them.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

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