Easy Care™ 360 Mattress Encasements for RVs

Hey RVers, your enjoyment of healthy, fresh air shouldn’t stop when you go to bed.  Placing the Easy Care 360 mattress encasement on your mattress ensures a healthier night’s sleep.  How does it do that?


Every night you lose up to a half liter of sweat and shed about a gram of skin each day, making mattresses vulnerable to hosting all types of bacteria and dust mites that feed on this environment.  The average mattress and pillow are estimated to contain as many as 10 million mites and will double in weight every ten years from the infestation of the dust mites and their feces.  It is no wonder that 54.3% of all travelers suffer from allergies!


Even new mattresses can contain a lot of toxins by meeting the fire retardancy requirements of governments.  By encasing your mattress with the waterproof Easy Care 360 mattress encasement, whatever is on your mattress stays there, because the encasement prevents the allergens and toxins from reaching you.


The Easy Care 360 protects you from absolutely everything that was on the mattress and keeps the mattress free of liquid stains, (protecting your mattress warranty) bed bugs, mold, allergens – all laboratory tested.  The Easy Care 360 even stops bacteria and viruses from getting to your mattress and is certified ASTM-F1761 and F1760.


How does this work?  The mattress encasement is coated with a premium film barrier that offers amazing protection.  If the mattress encasement gets dirty, all you do is zip-off the lightweight top and toss it in the wash. What could be easier?  And, unlike encasements sold in retail, our encasements are made of soft and quiet polyester interlock, a fabric that releases stains more easily, with a film barrier that can withstand high temperature washing.


Enjoy your days and enrich your nights with a healthier sleep experience.  All from using the Easy Care 360 mattress encasement.




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