Easy Care™ 360 Mattress Encasements

The Easiest Encasement To Wash, Just Unzip The Top!

The Easy Care 360, with a removable zip-off top, goes beyond anything offered on the market by taking the best features available and making them simple and practical to use.

Unlike encasements developed for retail, we developed encasements to withstand the rigorous use by hotels. If a product meets hotel standards, it certainly meets retail and consumer standards. Our polyurethane film barrier, for example, is not only quiet and breathable, it has been tested to withstand high-temperature washing and drying. And for those who want an encasement to protect them from dust and allergens, we will surpass your expectations. Our encasements are certified by National Allergy and have the industry’s longest warranty.

The World's First Interchangeable Zip-Off Top!

We offer the 360 as an interchangeable zip-off top. No need to mark each top to be placed in the room it came off of. The interchangeable tops are available in a double knit top or a polyester zip-off top.


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