Easy King® Bed Doubler

Quickly Combine 2 Twin Beds Into 1 Safe And Cozy King!

Who doesn’t sometimes wish they had a larger bed instead of two twins. With the innovative and patented Easy King you can instantly combine two independent twin beds into one large bed with just the snap of a buckle. Everything you need is in one simple package. The new Easy King even comes with an optional support filler pad.

Totally adjustable, it features a 2” wide connecting belt that wraps around the mattress sides, safely securing the two mattresses together. Washable, lightweight and non-allergenic, the new Easy King fits all twin mattresses including twin XL, and come with a 5-year replacement warranty against defects.

  • Great for twin beds, daybeds and trundles
  • Ideal for guest room versatility
  • Perfect for older homes/apartments whose stairs or elevators cannot accommodate a king size bed
  • Wonderful for timeshares and vacation homes where twin beds are featured in one or more rooms


2 reviews for Easy King® Bed Doubler

  1. Lindsay

    Easy to put on mattresses. Perfect for holding them together, tighter than a fitted sheet would. Mattresses scoot as one and there is no noticeable gap or indention between them.

  2. Jkatelyn

    We have our master bedroom on the second floor of our home. The stairway going upstairs is too narrow for a king size mattress to make it up. This was our solution — two twin mattresses and a bed doubling system. So glad I found this!

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