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Sweet Dream Solutions for RV Adventurers

Your life of adventure should be as comfortable as it is at home.  With the Sweet Dream RV Collection you will find unique accessories that will surprise you with their quality and functionality.

For over 20 years, CKI has been committed to providing innovative, quality products with the traveler in mind.  Our OKEO-Tex Certified Mattress and Pillow Encasements are designed to protect against liquid stains, bed bugs, allergens, and viruses.  Our patented, ergonomic mattress lifter, the Bed MadeEZ, takes the challenge out of making a bed in an RV by lifting, tucking and reaching into those tight spaces.

When you purchase a product from CKI, you are purchasing from a company who believes in protecting the environment as much as you.  We use compostable packaging, we reuse boxes, and we use sustainable materials around the office to reduce our carbon footprint, and in essence, yours. 

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