Let’s talk about the ELEPHANT in the room – and how CKI can help!

Transforming Risk Into Reward

Recommended by OSHA, our Bed Made EZ is Proven to Eliminate Bed Making Injuries, Improve Employee Productivity, Improve Relations with Regulatory Agencies, Reduce Direct and Indirect Costs associated with Worker’s Compensation Claims and Lower Employee Turnover

– Housekeepers have a documented injury rate of 10.4%. 

– 91% of housekeepers report pain associated with their job duties.

– 67% have sought medical treatment for pain associated with their job.

– 38% of housekeeper injuries result in lost time from work.

– 35% of injuries result in worker’s compensation claims.

– The repetitive lifting associated with bed making is a leading contributor to soft tissue injuries (62%) of all housekeeping injuries).

– In a typical shift, a housekeeper will lift mattresses 150-200 times for a total combined weight of over 16,000 pounds a day.

– Research analysis demonstrates that the task of repeatedly making the bed has a 75% probability of yielding a high injury rate.

– Overall, insurance is the fastest growing expense for hotel operators.

– Musculoskeletal injuries cost the hospitality industry $500 million in compensation claims annually.

– Absenteeism among housekeepers averages 14 days, twice the average of the service sector as a whole.

– Turnover and replacement costs are estimated to be as high as $10,000 per house keeper and costs the industry $140 million annually.

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