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FAQ – Pur-Poly Mattress Protector



       What is a Pur-Poly Mattress Protector? The Pur-Poly Mattress Protector is an affordable way to provide a waterproof, anti-allergen barrier on top of your mattress. 


       Why would I need a Pur-Poly Mattress Protector? Your mattress probably came with a warranty.  Did you know that warranty might be invalidated by liquid stains.  Besides the warranty, liquids can damage mattress foams.  By protecting your mattress with a Pur-Poly Mattress Protector you protect your mattress investment by potentially keeping the warranty from being invalidated.


       What is the difference between a Mattress Protector and a Mattress Encasement? A Mattress Protector such as the Pur-Poly Mattress Protector provides mattress protection on 5 sides and fits over your mattress just as a fitted sheet would do whereas a Mattress Encasement covers the entire mattress on all 6 sides.  Similar to the protection the Mattress Protector will provide, a Mattress Encasement additionally provides protection against bed-bug infestation.


       What is the Pur-Poly Mattress Encasement Made from? It is made from 100% Polyester which is known to release stains quickly.


       Does the Pur-Poly Mattress Encasement come with a warranty? Yes.  Our Mattress Protectors come with a 10 year or 300 washings/drying warranty against defects.