Sleep Defender® Pillow Encasement

Give The Top Of Your Bed The Protection It Deserves!

Wake up feeling refreshed because your face is protected from the contaminants in your pillow!

Every night perspiration on the pillow attracts bacteria and dust mites.  As a matter-of-fact, the CDC says by the time a pillow is 2 years’ old, 10% of a pillow’s weight is dust mites and feces.  The Sleep Defender® pillow encasement keeps every pillow fresh by preventing the contamination of bodily liquids, dust mites, bed bugs, viruses like COVID-19, bacteria and mold from reaching your pillow. The Sleep Defender pillow encasement features a high-quality polyester interlock that provides a cool, comfortable, quiet sleeping surface. Lined with the best high-temperature polyurethane barrier, the Sleep Defender pillow encasement creates a truly hypoallergenic sleeping environment and is guaranteed by the industry’s longest leading warranty.